Across America’s heartland, cities and towns are nestled among expansive fields of corn and soybeans, yet local communities must ship in 90% of the food they eat from someplace else. Though surrounded by verdant farmland, why do so many local families not have enough nutritious food to eat?

From Fencerows to Foodsheds shares the inspiring stories of two Indiana communities who are addressing this crucial issue. Through a wide range of authentic midwestern voices, the film introduces a dynamic network of concerned citizens devoted to reimagining and rebuilding their foodshed. This circle of young and old, conservative and progressive, farmers and townspeople shares what they have learned through this process. In their own way, each has instilled a new sense of value and vitality to their local food system, which helps fulfill their common vision of healthy families and thriving farms, resilient local economies and abundant local landscapes.

As a first time filmmaker, I am thrilled, yet humbled to share From Fencerows to Foodsheds with a wider audience. It is such an honor to tell the stories of the quiet revolution taking place in two Heartland communities as they work to rebuild their local food system.